Advanced Skin Care

Platinum Level Facials 

Superior Corrective Anti-Aging Facials using Advanced Technology; Celluma LED Light Therapy, Microcurrent, Microdermabrasion, Micro Needling, Derma Planing, Oxygen & Ultrasonic.

* all Platinum Level Facials are eighty minutes

199.00 (539.00 series of 3)

Please select "Platinum Level Facial of Choice" to schedule any of the Platinum treatments or combination of Platinum treatments listed below and your Esthetician will determine the perfect protocol for your individual goals Eighty Minutes 199

Platinum Flash Firm Facial 

It's electric! Microcurrents, highly effective for lifting the muscles and de-puffing the face produce fluid-draining, contour-enhancing results. Flash firming action for an immediate uplifting experience.  Eighty Minutes

Platinum Collagen Induction Micro Needling Facial

A minimally invasive technique that boosts collagen and elastin production, two of the most important substances in maintaining plump, youthful, glowing skin. An alternative to injectable fillers, results are achieved very naturally in a few sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. This treatment will noticeably reduce fine lines, crows feet and deep wrinkles, improving texture and reducing the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks. Ask us about Micro Needling treatments for other areas of the body. Eighty Minutes

Platinum Ageless Microdermabrasion Facial

Three powerful procedures in one maximum-results-oriented facial treatment. Skin refining and retexturizing Microdermabrasion, healing and regenerating LED Light Therapy and illuminating Vitamin Oxygen Cocktail in one super charged treatment. Eighty Minutes

Platinum Ultra Illumination Facial

Potent pigment reducing enzymes eliminate stubborn hyperpigmentation and immediately brightens skin tone. LED Light Therapy rejuvenates and stimulates cells responsible for collagen production. A hydrating mixture of vitamins, minerals and oxygen will leave your skin with a beautiful luminous glow. Eighty Minutes

Platinum H202 Purifying Facial

A H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) deep pore cleansing facial using Glycolic and Salicylic Acids, Retinol and purifying blue LED Light Therapy to help heal and improve hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and inflamed skin. Eighty Minutes BOOK NOW

Platinum Stem Cell Facial

Helps rebuid the structure of the skin by the use of plant based stem cell technology. Environmentally compromised, lack luster, oxygen deprived skin or skin that has been affected by medications will greatly benefit from this restorative facial. Safe for rosacea and sensitive skin types.Vegan friendly growth factors, stem cells and retinol make this the perfect facial to restore your skin and give you a bright, buoyant healthy complexion Eighty Minutes

Platinum Derma Plane Facial

Dermaplaning is a process which will remove three weeks of dead skin cells along with all of the tiny vellus hairs on your face and neck. Results are life changing when it comes to makeup application. Makeup goes on super smooth. Skin care products will penetrate better and therefore be more effective.  Eighty Minutes

Gold Level Facials

Corrective Anti Aging Facials using customized Enzymes and Boosters, Ultrasonic and Oxygen to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin for exceptional results.

* all Gold Level Facials are fifty minutes

139.00 (375.00 series of 3)

Please select "Gold Level Facial of Choice" to schedule any of the Gold treatments or combination of Gold treatments listed below and your Esthetician will determine the perfect protocol for your individual goals Fifty Minutes 139

Gold Level Vitamin C Brightening Facial   

Awaken the skin with a luminous glow using the power of vitamin C and special melanin suppressing enzymes to bring life to dull, sun damaged skin. Fifty Minutes

Gold Level Anti-Aging Youth Glow Facial 

Liquid enzymes exfoliate the skin for a brilliant luster and antioxidants infuse essential moisture. Skin will sparkle and feel instantly firmer as potent peptides and antioxidants tone and protect from free radical damage. Fifty Minutes

Gold Level Sensitive/Rosacea Facial 

Specialty extracts and a therapeutic mask add to the soothing, calming benefits for sensitive, rosacea prone skin. This facial aids in reducing inflammation, strengthening capillaries, providing antibacterial support and stimulating surface cell turnover for healthier skin tissue. Fifty Minutes

Gold Level Milk and Honey Hydration Facial 

Perfect for dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin that needs a boost. Essential fatty acids and a honey drenched nutrient cocktail heal, soothe and hydrate environmentally damaged skin. Fifty Minutes

Gold Level Stimulating Deep Pore Cleanse  

Enjoy the stimulating effect of this squeaky clean facial. Skin is renewed with a powerful infusion of antioxidants, Resveratrol, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinol, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, epidermal growth factors, healing herbs and minerals. Fifty Minutes

Gold Level Peel & Reveal Facial 

Brighten uneven skin tone, stimulate collagen and nourish moisture depleted skin with this aromatic facial loaded with Vitamin C to increase cell turnover, smooth and rejuvenate. Fifty Minutes

Traditional Spa Facials 

Spa Facials for cleansing and relaxation

St. Tropez Deluxe Signature Spa Facial 

Our most relaxing, luxurious, hydrating and toning facial with hot stone massage and extended time. Customize with Facial Enhancements. Eighty Minutes


Classic Spa Facial 

Traditional facial to cleanse, tone, nourish and protect. Excellent for every skin type. Build your own customized treatment with Facial Enhancements. Fifty Minutes


TLC Facial for Mommy to be

Your skin is super sensitive now so we will skip chemical exfoliation and go for a physical version instead.  A gentle natural scrub will nix dead skin cells that tend to clog the pores.  This facial will combat your hormonal breakouts and includes a relaxing face, scalp and neck massage.  Fifty Minutes


Simply Fresh Teen Facial 

Your teenager's first facial to embark on a lifetime of clean healthy skin. Clogged pores, no problem, we will blast them clean with our sonic scrubber. This is the perfect facial for your teen/preteen, less massage and more deep pore cleansing for a simply fresh and clear complexion. Fifty Minutes


For The Back 

Deep Cleansing Back Facial 

Bare it all. Purifying deep pore cleanse for a smooth, clear back. Fifty Minutes 99

Add Enhancements within your traditional 50 or 80 minute Facial or Back Facial  

Microderm, Derma Needle, Derma Plane, LED Light Therapy 75
Lactic, Glycolic or Enzyme 40

White Diamond Eye Treatment 30

Oxygen Cocktail 40

The Skin Bar Experience Coming Soon

Short on time and big on results. Important event or special night out and you're in need of some skin rejuvenation. Pop in for a LED Light Therapy and/or an Oxygen Infused Skin Cocktail. Our "mini menu" of skin bar services allow you to select from an array of skin boosting treatments  that will give your skin an immediate glow!

Eye Treatments 

Lift Me Up Eye Treatment

Minimizes puffiness and dark circles. Tightens and firms with the use of gentle ultrasonic infusion and a cool eye masque to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Twenty-Five Minutes 65 BOOK NOW