Advanced Skin Care

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The Hydrafacial is one of the most powerful, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments available today. What makes a HydraFacial better than a regular facial is the use of a unique patented Vortex Technology to provide an even and deep skin cleanse. It clears the pores fully while producing instant, long-lasting results you can see and feel. You'll notice improved hydration, minimized dark spots, and a decrease in fine lines.

Hydrafacial For The Face:       

The Platinum Hydrafaciall Step up to the premiere, top of the line Hydrafacial.  All the great elements of Hydrafacial with lymphatic facial contouring sixty minutes 325 

SALE $275 Offer expires 7/1/24

The Deluxe Age Defying Hydrafacial Move from preventative to corrective anti aging. Infuses and floods the deeper layers with nutrients, vitamins and relaxing red or blue LED light therapy to energize cells, improve wrinkles and skin laxity for dewy, smooth glass like skin. forty five minutes 275 

SALE $225 Offer expires 7/1/24

The Signature Express Hydrafacial Your grab and go facial for the busy person in need of a quick pick me up. The first step for clean, glowing skin thirty minutes 200

SALE $150 Offer expires 7/1/24

Extras to Enhance Your Hydrafacial

Hydra Neck and Decollete 175

Hydra Eye Perk 75

Hydra Lip Perk 75

Lympatic Contouring 75

Light Therapy 75

Dermaplane 75

Hands 60

Hydrafacial For The Body:

The Hydrabooty Treatment  Give your bottom the attention it needs to treat and prevent clogged pores, breakouts and ingrown hairs, thirty minutes 225

SALE $175 Offer expires 7/1/24

The Hydraback Treatment Dissolves oils, purifies pores and de-congests your back accelerating the renewal of the skin's surface. Deeply cleanses and exfoliates with a gentle peel to uncover a new layer of skin thirty minutes 225

SALE $175 Offer expires 7/1/24

Hydrafacial For The Hair and Scalp:

The Hydra-Scalp Treatment  A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthier looking hair. If you have concerns about thinning or damaged hair you can benefit from this treatment. Cleanse and exfoliate clogged follicles and remove dead skin.A cleaner healthier scalp sets the stage for better uptake and efficacy of oral, topical and laser therapies.

Fifty Minutes  250

SALE $200 Offer expires 7/1/24


Advanced Corrective Anti Aging Facials:

Visible Results Facial

Your Esthetician will determine the perfect treatment plan to meet your needs. This superior corrective anti-aging facial treatment uses advanced technology along with Red and Infrared Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion, Derma Planing, Oxygen & Ultrasonic.

eighty minutes 199.00 (539.00 series of 3)

Gold Facial

Corrective Anti Aging Facials using customized Enzymes and Boosters, Ultrasonic and Oxygen to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin for exceptional results.  

fifty minutes  149

Spa Facials for Relaxation & Cleansing:

Signature Spa Facial 

A traditional spa facial for relaxation, luxuriously hydrating with aromatherapy, warm stones, soothing scalp and hand and arm massage. This therapeutic anti aging facial uses warm red and near infrared wavelengths which enhance the body's ability to generate collagen and elastin by activating the cells, reducing fine lines and wrinkles

eighty minutes 169

Classic Spa Facial

Traditional facial to cleanse, tone, nourish and protect. Excellent for every skin type.

fifty minutes 119

with Dermaplane or Microderm 194

TLC Facial for Mommy To Be

Your skin is super sensitive now so we will skip chemical exfoliation and go for a physical version instead.  A gentle natural scrub will nix dead skin cells that tend to clog the pores.  This facial will combat your hormonal breakouts and includes a relaxing face, scalp and neck massage.

fifty minutes 139

Simply Fresh Teen Facial 

Your teenager's first facial to embark on a lifetime of clean healthy skin. Clogged pores, no problem, we will blast them clean with our sonic scrubber. This is the perfect facial for your teen/preteen, less massage - more deep pore cleansing for a simply fresh and clear complexion.

fifty minutes 119



Derma Plane for exfoliation and removal of vellus hair (peach fuzz)

Red & Infrared Light Therapy activate body's ability to generate collagen and elastin for anti aging benefits

Blue Light Therapy kills bacteria that causes breakout, reduces redness, inflammation and blemishes

Lymphatic Therapy for facial contouring

75 each

Add-On Peels




30.00 each

Add-On Hydration

Hydrating Eye Masque

Hydrating Lip Masque

Oxygen Cocktail

30.00 each