NEW! Hair Restoration Treatments
*Hydra Scalp Keravie
*Ultralase MD Keralase
a winning combination

Hydrafacial For The Hair and Scalp: The Hydra-Scalp Treatment A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthier looking hair. If you have concerns about thinning or damaged hair you can benefit from this treatment. Cleanse and exfoliate clogged follicles and remove dead skin.A cleaner healthier scalp sets the stage for better uptake and efficacy of oral, topical and laser therapies. twenty minutes 

Partial Scalp 249 receding hairline & crown 

Full Scalp 349 entire scalp

more info on combining the Hydra-Scalp Keravie treatment by Hydrafacial along with Ultralase MD Keralase for ultimate results coming soon!