NEW! Hair Restoration Treatments

Hydra Scalp by HydraFacial
Do you suffer from dandruff, clogged follicles, dead skin or poor circulation? If so, you’ll love our unique “scalp facial,” which will restore your scalp’s health. Brought to you by the innovators of the highly acclaimed HydraFacial. Hair health can be inhibited by build up of hair care products, stress, medication, aging, hormone level deficiency and other issues. The HydraScalp treatment is a staple in our Hair Restoration Portfolio, helping to achieve scalp wellness and healthier hair. Available at a discount in a package of 3.

Keralase Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment
A renowned breakthrough treatment for thinning hair. Laser and red light therapy increase circulatory health of the scalp and create micro-channels. These channels act like sponges allowing the scalp to absorb bio identical growth factors. ideal patients are those experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia, a gradual loss over the crown, frontal recession and thinning of the part. Also those experiencing Telogen Effluvium a sudden hair loss which occurs 3-6 months after a stressor such as Covid, surgery, childbirth, sudden weight loss and thyroid imbalance. Available at a discount in a package of 6 (recommended # of treatments) No interest payment plan available, home care required.

HydraScalp & Keralase Laser Hair Regrowth Treatments, a winning combination in the fight against hair loss