Relaxing Massages

Aroma Essence Massage 

Traditional Swedish Massage, relaxing massage techniques are used along with aromatic essential oil of lavender to soothe the body, mind and spirit and provide deep relaxation. Herbal heat packs ensure your ultimate sensory massage experience

Fifty Minutes   115 individual / 230 couple

CBD Massage

The future of pain relief has arrived with CBD Massage.   CBD has been found to reduce inflamation and relieve muscle, joint and arthritic pain, suppress muscle spasms, reduce seizures and convulsions, reduce blood sugar levels, relieve stress and anxiety, enhance relaxation and improve sleep and depression. 

Fifty Minutes   125 individual / 250 couple

Classic Muscle Melt Massage  

A traditional Swedish Massage with for relaxation and well being. Soothing heat packs further enhance the effects of this ultra calming massage.

Fifty Minutes   95 individual / 190 couple

Deep Tissue Massage 

Soothing heat packs relax the body and initiate the start of your massage. Therapist may use trigger point therapy, acupressure and massage techniques involving the use of their forearms and elbows to alleviates deep muscular tension and pain while providing a relaxing, results oriented, spa massage experience

Fifty Minutes   110 individual / 220 couple

Eighty Minutes Deluxe   145 individual / 290 couple

Expectant Mom's Massage 

A very special massage which pampers and caters to the needs of the mommy to be. Pregnancy can cause swelling and discomfort in the body. This massage relieves pain and pressure of back, hips, legs and feet while addressing her comfort and providing pure relaxation

Fifty Minutes  95

Slow it Down Hot Bamboo Massage 

Luxurious Slow and Soothing Aromatherapy Massage with Hot Bamboo. Enjoy this relaxing Swedish Massage with hot compresses, soothing scalp massage and heated bamboo reeds gently rolled and kneaded over the muscles of the arms,legs, neck and back. According to your preference bamboo reeds may also be used along with deep tissue techniques. Fully customizable to your individual preference. This massage will bring you to a state of serenity and calmness while creating an extreme sensation of well-being

Fifty Minutes   125 individual / 250 couple

Soothing Stone Massage 

Traditional Swedish Massage with herbal heat packs and heated stones which are gently glided along the body providing extreme relaxation and a soothing feeling of warmth and comfort.

Fifty Minutes  115 individual / 230 couple

Soothing Stone Reflexology Massage of the Feet 

Soothing stones, aromatherapy and thermal foot treatment provide comfort and relief for aching feet. Reflexology massage has a positive effect on the entire well being of the body. This luxurious soleful massage will lull you into a place of tranquil bliss.

Fifty Minutes  90 individual / 180 couple

Stix & Stones Deluxe Massage

The ultimate deluxe 80 minute full body massage combines a skilled therapists hands, soothing hot stones and heated bamboo sticks, for one, fabulous, out of this world massage experience. You will feel as if all your tension, every kink, every knot, every tired and tense muscle in your body has literally been ironed, kneaded and rolled out

Eighty Minutes  145 individual/ 290 couple

St Tropez Deluxe Signature Massage

Deluxe Swedish massage. Along with the extended massage time, this full body massage has many added indulgences (scalp massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, peppermint sinus treatment, herbal heat packs, hot towel compress) for a very special, luxurious and pampering spa massage

Eighty Minutes   140 individual / 280 couple  

Stress Reliever Back Massage

A focused and targeted massage of the back, neck, shoulders and gluteus maximus, with comforting moist heat, trigger points and deep tissue therapy with healing hot stone massage. The ultimate back massage!

Fifty Minutes   110 individual / 220 couple


15 Minutes added to your massage 25

15 Minutes added to your massage with Exfoliating Back Scrub 30

15 Minutes added to your massage with Stress Relief Scalp Massage 30

Add On's within your traditional 50 or 80 minute Massage 

Aromatherapy 20

Hot Stone 20

Hot Bamboo 30

CBD  30

Thermal Collagen for Hands 25

Thermal Collagen for Feet 25

Sugar Scrub for Hands & Feet 30

Couples Room available upon request at time of reservation. Select any same duration massage from above