What Is LaseMD?
At Spa St Tropez, we use LaseMD from Lutronic. LaseMD is a skin resurfacing treatment that can address a variety of skin concerns. The non-ablative fractional laser uses heat energy to create tiny microchannels just below the skin. By inflicting controlled damage on skin, these microchannels kick-start the body’s natural wound-healing response and, in the process, boost production of collagen and elastin.

What Can LaseMD Do For My Skin?
LaseMD Ultra can address a wide range of skin concerns, including brighter skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, lessen acne scars, hyperpigmentation and dark spots, freckles, and signs of sun damage.

Where Can I Get LaseMD?
LaseMD Ultra can be used anywhere on the body that has sun damage or signs of aging. While the face is the most popular area, treating the chest, neck, and hands with LaseMD Ultra is also common.

What Should I Expect During The Treatment? Is It Painful?
You will feel some heat and tingling as the laser is passed over the skin. The number of passes and procedure time will depend on the depth of treatment, lasting anywhere from 15-20 minutes. For mild treatments, the discomfort is very minimal. For more aggressive treatments, your Medical Aesthetician may apply a numbing cream 45 minutes before the treatment to maximize your comfort.

What Should I Expect After The Treatment?
You will experience some redness immediately after the treatment, which should subside by the following day, when you can apply makeup. Over the next couple of days after receiving your first treatment, you may experience some dryness and flakiness, which can be alleviated by applying our “Peptide Booster” serum several times throughout the day. As the skin heals, you may see some light sloughing as it begins to reveal softer, brighter skin. Depending on the depth of treatment, healing time can last anywhere from 1-6 days, but most clients see optimal results within 2-5 days. If you receive a package of three LaseMD treatments, followed by a maintenance routine of treating every 6 months, you will likely experience decreased healing time with subsequent treatments.

Is There Any Downtime?
What sets LaseMD apart from other laser treatments, such as Fraxel and intense pulsed light (aka IPL), is the lack of downtime associated with it. In fact, there’s not much to do by way of aftercare; it’s possible to go back to a normal routine and even wear makeup within a day or two. Because the laser beams bypass the surface of the skin, they leave it intact—which is why downtime is minimal, compared with other lasers. While there will be some visible redness right after the treatment, you will be able to immediately resume your normal activities. There’s no bleeding, blistering, or scabbing, and while you may experience some discomfort and tingling during the treatment, it’s typically not enough to warrant numbing cream.

How Long Is Each Treatment? How Many Treatment Will I Need?
The treatment itself typically lasts 30 minutes, and three treatments are generally recommended for best results.  Follow-up sessions may be advised. The benefits typically last up to a year. Individual results may vary.

What is the cost of LaseMD at Spa St Tropez?

One LaseMd for the Face $650
Buy a package of 3 for $1650 ($1950 value)