Teeth Whitening

Monthly Teeth Whitening for an entire year at nearly half off regular pricing

Rock a brilliant sparkling smile everyday with our gentle and effective once a month UV lightening process. Guarantees you to go at least 2 shades lighter. We include all the home care maintenance you need with our bi monthly replacement of whitening and enamel booster pens along with your once a month 30 minute in-spa treatment to keep your smile dazzling in the new year.

SAVE $789  Special Offer 999. (value 1,788) 

Single Session Teeth Whitening

SAVE $50 Special Offer 99 (value 149)

Take your smile to the next level. Years of dulling and staining can be removed with just one treatment. Guaranteed to take you at least 2 shades whiter and usually more! A gentle non-abrasive chemical of 44% carbamide peroxide achieves maximum results quickly while keeping your tooth structure intact and virtually no sensitivity.